*̥꧁╱[𒆜 5 of 5 SLOTS OPEN 𒆜]╲꧂̥*

ƸӜƷ Friendly to commissions featuring mature content such as violence, drug use, sexual themes, ect.

ƸӜƷ Must be over the age of majority where you live to commission mature content above a PG-13 level.

ƸӜƷ I reserve the right to turn down any requests for any reason.

ƸӜƷ Commissions are completed on a first come, first served basis. You will be made aware of your place in the queue during commission correspondence.

ƸӜƷ Final product delivery subject to a flux date. You will be updated about the progress of your commission, and any delays in the process that crop up due to my day job or other life circumstances in the event thereof.

ƸӜƷ Commission delivery during non-busy times can be expected anywhere between 2-6 weeks, depending on commission complexity.

ƸӜƷ Payment plans negotiable, requiring at least one half-payment up front before any work will begin.

ƸӜƷ Payments accepted through PayPal invoice, Venmo, or ko-fi as a backup.

ƸӜƷ I will publicly share the final work done for a commission unless requested otherwise.

ƸӜƷ Client alias will be associated with the piece unless anonymity is requested.

ƸӜƷ No refunds unless the finished product is unable to be delivered.

ƸӜƷ To reach out to me with a commission inquiry, you may contact me one of the following ways :

vaporwavelich#5675 on discord
absolute-eyesore on tumblr (Ask for Hollow)
vaporwavelich on tumblr

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