Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines - Dialog Files


Spite is a powerful motivator, and since the only written transcript of game dialogue I could find anywhere on the internet was from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Wiki page, I've made my own, sans the dated role play schtick.
This is just a reference for dialogue lines as they were when I pulled them from the subtitles.
These are grouped together by character, instead of chronological or by scene. They were all separate items in the game files and I don't have a good enough memory offhand to put everything in the proper order myself.
Pulling all the quotes together was enough of a task all its own, attempting to sort things by extra conditions would have put me in over my head. As of the making of this masterlist I've only had one full playthrough of Bloodlines, which was also my first, several months ago. I'm still very new to this world, and its lore. This list is also still incomplete as of its recompiling onto this webpage, with intent to one day return to this project to mine the rest of the NPC speech files.
I'm also very ADHD, so if there are any errors that you notice, please feel free to contact me with the necessary revisions and I will edit accordingly.
All that out of the way, the promised content is below.
Have fun!

-- Hollow Lich ( )
[FEB | 13-? | 2021] (edited 4/02/2023)
DISCLAIMER: it was only until i was decently into working on this that I remembered that I had Clan Quest Mod/Plus Patch installed. I'm personally not familiar enough with either to be able to differentiate what is what, if anything's been changed in the dlg files, so be aware of that when proceeding. My apologies.

NOTATION 4/02/2023

From what I understand this reference doc has been pretty useful to at least a small handful of people and for that reason alone I want to be sure it's continued its continued availability to fic writers in need is secured, so now we have this page in addition to the original google doc. Now, as Bill and Ted would say... Be excellent to each other, and party on dudes!

--Nyx Hollow Graveweaver.

Don't open it.

Huh? Y-you mean he's around here? W-where? And- and what game is he playing? I-I really need to find him!

I-I-I-I-I don't know. Uhh, t-ta-talk to E. Uh, g-g-gu-guy without a shirt.

[transcriber's note: ....dominant male spider making sexual overtures at its prey.........kay]