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Garish and Obnoxious since 1996, I'm a queer multimedia artist originally from some fuckoff realm of Virginia, now residing in [REDACTED], New York.

This is my first mini-post on my site! Mostly here so I can be sure my formatting is all working properly, it's also a good place to give a quick little explaination on what's going on here. As you may have gathered from context available all over this page and the site overall, my name is Hollow, and I'm an artist that just can't pick a single niche to make my craft. I have a lot of creative ambition, and when I'm able to overcome my ADHD related roadblocks, I'm capable of making some pretty neat stuff.

The kinds of things you'll see here are...

... And more as I continue to develop my skills, interests, and learn more about coding and web development. To say that I am an Aspiring Individual would certainly be accurate to the nature of my daydreams.

Won't you join me in these adventures?

☣☆†♀†♂†♄Hollow's Curio Cabinet♄†♂†♀†☆☣

My name is Hollow Nyx Graveweaver, but you can call me Hollow. I'm a sort of Jack-of-all-trades in artistic pursuits. I make various kinds of digital art, such as character portraits, scenes, landscapes, and backgrounds; as well as many different kinds of vulture culture crafts, and musical exploration. This website is still a work in progress, so please bear with me as I teach myself how to code in order to build this hub the way I want it.